Curl your hair with Strawberries.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Does this strawberry looks tempting?

Is this sweet enough and big enough for you ?

What if curl your hair with strawberries and sweet up your hair?

Yes! Am gonna tell you how you should make your hair look as sweet at strawberries :D

With this, strawberry sponge . :D

You just have to simply roll them up ..

Leave it for atleast 1hour (:

you can also heat them with hair dryer.

After 2hours .. and this is what i got .

It's superb curl and natural enough!

No any mechanical on your hair !

Well, i did not manage it properly while curling .. so it end up messy-ness .

but i tied it up .

and check out the curls !

Isn't it cool ?

you can even fall asleep while strawberries on your head. (:

What are you waiting for girls! you don need to go to the saloon and waste hundred ringgit to curl them!

For girls like me, love straight long hair but want curls some day, this is what you should try out!

I don't remember the price, but it's less than rm15 and 6 strawberries in a packet.

You can just get them in SASA, (:

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