You showed me somthing i couldn't see .. & you made me believe .

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just had durian for supper with mummy for her dinner. LOL
don't ask why, i don't wanna what happened today.
Leave it alone, im fine.
OMG! i cant wait for twillight saga : new moon. !! end of next month lah, alamak. ><"
i don't wanna buy the book, im lazy to read. I prefer to watch! =D
i just remembered i have like few more books still nicely on my bookshelf beside my bed since the last mph sales.
& i have more to buy! especially Sophie Kinsella's : Shopaholic Abroad!! omggg .. i want all her books deperately. XD
Looking forward to AYG aka prom night in my coll. (:
I want this dress and bag for that night, urghh!
still thinking. =/
I don't accept the promise, but im waiting the result.

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