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Saturday, October 10, 2009

went for stockcheck today, im the leader -____-

somehow kinda fun. and learnt smth new. (:

im gaining weight!! McD McD sial.. =/

collected a new glass from McD, the grey one. also had the blue ones too.

But luckily i've got the PINK one. =DDD thank youuu!! ♥♥♥

as usual, pink always sold the fastest. =D PINKKK.

I cant imagine if one day im left without PINK.

it's my druggg. nothing could even replace it. =D I'm serious.

phew, i think am started to enjoy as a LA ? i think so. kinda fun *sometimes.

p/s: i hate shelving XD

everyone does aight. kekeke!!

Im so addicted to my Pet Society right now , because MYSTERY EGG FOOD BOOTH!

it's a-must to spend 600coins for one egg, and see what's inside. and i've spent 7200coins and thanks baboon for another 12eggs. =DDD

they are superb cute! and it's all pink. =D

if any pet society member here.

I am trading Candy Booth & Ice-cream booth. (: trade with 1mystery egg (Food Booth) & 2x blue mystery box. (: kekekeke..

oh yea! not forget that i just saw an superb magic accident. i don't know how to explain, ask me if you wan to know. it's damnn LOL !

AYG is here ! Cant wait for it!! =D anyone anyone ? hmm, let's
start shopping and look for the theme. (:

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