The Busy ..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is this awesome much ? I swear it's no edited from any photoshop or anything, you just have to go up down left right type some words and enter and you'll get this effect =D but it will disappear when you refresh you page (: but fyi, it can only do in facebook. Kinda cool, it's pinky redish. but majority is red. (:
Im so gonna be busy from tomorrow onwards . Why ? and i have a contract to it . This is really syok much! my first so-called "Contract" , LOL.
But i do enjoy anyway. (: and thanks bud for helping me out for my show. =D
and i'll be dancing walts for the really first time in my life time, This is superb cool and i do love those dance so yea. =D no problem ^^
and what else, hmmmm .. so far i think that's all ..
owh yea, im still gonna modelling for our biz buzz week. @@ LOL
and tmr gonna try our outfit at sunway. Wooo..
owh yea, so gonna be kinda busy this friday and saturday .. baby sis bday on next monday and we're gonna make a party for her, to celebrate for her and it gonna be a suprise for her. She loves suprise. LOL and always asking for suprise. -.-
im totally sleepy and presentation tomorrow, OMGod.
Wish me and my groupmate good luck ! (:

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