I'm Smiling !

Friday, October 23, 2009

See my face ? im smilling !

im in the nice mood for the whole day. isn't it good ?

1st, i've handed in my assignment which causing everyone gotto stay up everynight.

2nd, thanks bud !

3rd, i had my cadbury today =D ♥

people who know me well, you'll never see me not smilling unless im crying but you'll nvr see me get angry or pist off for more than 5minutes =D that's me !

wow! i've just realised my assignment is all pink. Hhahaa ! got teased by him -__-"
well, i've not blogging almost the whole week. plus i dont have much reader so teehee. (:
i've been really busy lately for my assignment. all about microsoft office and blame myself keep delaying but i had fun and i enjoy the busy too, and with my friends all together. =D

taadaa !! Nice bo? (ignore the copyright, i just added incase got stolen) the made it all by myself and even the logo i made in Microsoft WORD. No kidding =p backgroup i done at photoshop, logo at Ms WORD. =D this is my slide's background. Pink theme =D this background took me only within 10minutes to do it.

my assignment's background is all pink even logo and this. =D


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