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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

You know?

I don't know ..

people can never understand what's in the others mind.

and there's no point understanding which you've tried so hard to, and failed.

instead stressing yourself over those lil thing that will makes you feel pist off, or what-so-ever.

why not try to ignore and just smile, since you have done what you should do.


tralalala, few days left my blog dead here.

tsk tsk.

the past sunday was my daddy's bday. (: we went to celebrate with him. teehee.

Loves you D.

as i've mentioned last week is totally a superb exhausting week.

im feeling so sleepy and tired even till ytd and today.

i don't get enough rest and time to sleeeepp.


math assign done, ita assign due-date delayed. buahahaha ..

cos, presentation starting tmr onwards, and hand-in date next week. (:

for no reason i saw this " Google pedia " and i borrowed. -_______-

don't ask why, just kinda of get into it suddenly and wants to see whether there's more features.


alah! i wanna find some errr, basecode or smth like that, those books but it seems.. no idea,

i shall return all my 3 books first before i borrow again, else im gonna gone crazy carrying those so-dam-thick book.

hahahahaa ..

I just love being stupid. you may not know why but my close friends does.

I love em.

B, I miss you.

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