You know nothing.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I was suppose to blog an hour ago, but end up im blogging an hour later.

an hour ago, i was in a suprb nice mood, as the whole day. I've planned what to blog and everything.

Yet, it end up with my mood like that, i cant blog any happy post either.

im tired, seriously.. im really tired, with it.

why would things change so easily even a second ?

but it's true, everybody always ask for the world to change but no one will rather to change themselve instead.

No, you don't blame the world has changed. it's because you never want to change yourself either. So ?

i admit, im the person that never think for the future but i'll think for next.

eg. i'll never think the finally result but i'll think the what's going to happen if i did this and that.

when you thought it wouldn't make yourself tired but it actually does. The more you think it wont, the more it actually will .

The more you dont wan to know, the more you have to face it.

Sienness, it's a saturday night and im emo-ing here. wtf . ( for so long since i've post this word )

Urghh, zzz my facebook duno what hell problem. MSN no body on. Nak cari orang pun tak ade.
> <

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