Sunday, October 11, 2009

Listening to Angela Zhang's new album song, Only listening to TWO of her song.. Yea i only love that two . and also Kesha -Tik Tok. (:

today, kinda nice? (the smile has only covered the messy mind) no harm staying bored at home cos i found dessert while complaining how boring am the whole day. LOL.

Do view my FB to look for my photo album , the new one that i've just upload. (: (if you wan to)

hmmm, seriously. For those who complain about their family members, You'll regret one day.

I never want to complain about them, or mayb for only 10sec (yes, Only 10sec) . Nothing, No One can ever replace any of them. although you might dislike them sometimes, but your good enough to have them where u can see some kids doesnt have a complete family or even don have anyone. I'm so happy i have a complete and happy family, though my parents are bit strict. But i can say, Thanks you so much that they are strict enough to me till I'm here with my attitude. (only people who know me REALLY WELL, They'll know)

besides, friends is all i want too. Especially Sam, Ken, and the one of you. (mayb you know or don't, but Yes, It's you! ) Mayb sometimes i have a lil complain about you (not sam or ken) , but I seriously appreciate 3 of you really much! for all the support and help (: I love you guys, no one can ever replace you 3. Never.

(let's skip this part, I don't wanna bring myself even down)

ahhh, i don't know.. feel so silly saying all this. LOL


I miss Sam & Ken so much!! is the dinner on tmr night? =D

I miss the old times, The high school and the 3months 2009 few of us used to be together all time and have fun.

Time pass, i don't mind. Because they are all in my mind. (:

xoxo ♥

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