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Sunday, May 03, 2009

hello =D Dont miss me ..

weather is seriously bad =/ and melting me .. every single day.. GAWD! why doesnt m'sia have atleast 2 season laaa? winter and spring or summer ? =D

went genting on the past friday, labour day =) phew.. FYI i love genting so much not because of their theme park but the weather =D that day was consider superb jam. =/ we only went for 1 day-trip. errr.. i should day we went the wrong day because quite a number of games are under construction. =X gishhhh..

takken many photos. u dont expect me tp upload now as u may know im pretty lazy =D

i really have no idea what to blog maaannnn, im bored to death. pull out from here now !!!! ><"

uhhh, my nails are pretty designed by me ytd night. took me few hrs to done it . and know what? the right fingers are like angel and the left one are like human =/ meaning pretty vs uglyy la !! i've got no longer patient to wait it dry so i went to sleep when my left one is half dry and end up abit ugly which not what's in my mind. gisshh !! but yeah, i still love my nails =)

errrrr, i seriously need some ice =/

teehee, mummy going to korea this coming week and i've given her a list of what i wan from etude hse =D she said okay !!

went to mph sales ytd like finally the sales !!! i wanted to buy all cecilia ahern's and sophie kinsella's books but errr, due to financial prob i only bought 2 each. so totally i bought 6 books. another 2 books found interested so decided to try it ^^

ahhhh, i heard the curve have a new shop. it's all from japan =D and only rm5 !!! gawd gawd !! ngek ngek ngek ~ im a japan freaker and lover. muahahahaaa, wait for me !!!!

ahhhh, already decided to buy NDS lite 2months later. =D comfirm d ! no objection or wtv =P

maltese =( wait for meeeee ><"

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