Who knows what's next?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

ahhh, damn down right now.. my phone !! half stepped in coffin. ish !! i need comment/opinion for W705 . damn z610i not gonna appear anymore.. grrrr, my dream phone man =(

fine, well.. friday night was ken's bday party =D sam drove me there =) not bad and he got 3 cakes, i mean 2 cakes and anolther was cupcakes, damn cute with erm.. hahaha, 18sx. LOLs,

picture will upload in facebook from now onwards, so if wanna see pictures, facebook please =D

godd, biz is stressing me out. what's on earth biz is so complecated man!

btw, biz is business . =D

lalalaaaa, i shall go now. taaaz

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