No! You don't..

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I promised, i wont drop a single tear for you.. but why would u rather to make me like this? or this is what you expect from me ?

No, it's all enough! seriously and that's all.. It's enough.. i dont wanna continue the path like this.. i would rather to stop walking here, right here now .. i dont receive any understanding from you.. no matter how much i've said, no matter i much tears i've wasted.. it's all useless.. and you'r rather being stubborn.

i suppose you would change but it's all a waste. you'll nvr realise untill you really lose it. why would you rather to choose this, being like this insted having peace and give both of us a peace and a rest?

You don't.. and nvr.. understand what i want and what i need .. i did not and nvr expect anything from u, not even a single thing.. but all i wish is your understanding.. and not your stubborn. it's really a tiring months we both had.. it's time for us to rest.. alright?


aight, i shall stop emo-ing.. ytd went out yum cha with jimuis =D S drives us.. wheeee.. we went to NZX for dinner / yum cha then moved on to K's hse =) after that S drives me home. teehee..

phew, like finally i've finished one of the question of my individual assignment =) i feel good cos i do it myself without any referencing, except for some points given by fren =) but i finish the whole esay myself k. and lukily only limited to 500words. haha.. aiksehh, still got 1 more essay.. =/ and 1more week have to hand-in d.. =X *pray for me*

days are bored.. and weather is totally killing me, melting me to the ground.

thank you, for people who is always there for me when im really down and stress. =)

BFFs rock ! =D mwahhs.

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