It's all back as usual..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First of all i wanna say.. I miss my BLOG !!

secondly , MCKY is now on sales !! muahahahaaa.. i've bought 1 pair of shoe, 1 polo tee, and receive 2 gifts : 1 jacket & 1 bracelet. yeaaaaahhhh! MCKY my fav brand =) cos i love mickey so so much !!

third, everything happened so suddenly.. everything almost crash together and thank you GOD everything is okay.. im not gonna mention what's happened/happening.. but i believe, GOD bless you and we'll support you.. <3>

assignment ........ grrrrrr, forget bout it..

college i can say is nice but school life is perfect. =)

these days seriously a tiring day, i did not blame it and i dont mind. =) tears are worth to waste and worries are worth to it. thankss..

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