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Thursday, May 14, 2009

abc ..

omg, i've been singing abc since ytd night with my youngest baby sister. LMAO.

yay, like finally mummy is back tonight! she'll arrive home like midnight 1-2am =X no big deal, i've got no class tomorrow =D i can wait for her. teehees.

ahhh, assignment =/ half more to go.. damn!

okay, next week is my sem's break.. for only 1week, i think it's enough, cause i've got nth much to do and it'sn ot like i can hang out everyday? and financial prob!! ngehh..

hmm hmm, tonight might have dinner with buddies and tmr paintball with classmate, syok! i've nvr play paintball before and tmr will be my 1st time, bit scary and feeling exciting. =D

ahhh, damnn! my tight, is so obvious there's a blue black on it. =( thanks to me being so clumsy everytime, early in the morning bang on the able's corner, arghhh.

woi! what kind of weather is this? how can people survive like this? it popping out all the red beans around me, oh-my-gosh! like after ages my face is full of red beans now .......................

thanks DJ bought me watermelon and honeydew, this is the best thing for this " best " weather..


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