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Friday, May 22, 2009

wecam-ing with hengggg =D

i suppose upload picture from my phone and post it but damn the cable hiding somewhere..

well, ummy edi back from korea last week and yes ! she bought me many many stuff from etude house.. ~ =D

including nail colours, skin care, cosmetic .. teeeeheees.. besides etude hse also some cutteee socks, korean-ish dress, clothe =D thank youuu mummy !

anyway, im having my sem break for 1 week. =) sien banyak !

nothing much,

monday @ curve with him .. bought 2 stuff and sakae =D
tuesday suppose celebrate appreciation day @ schl but end up raining , pooling at south city. hahahaa..
wednesday, home =(
thursday @ his place.
friday.. today =) sien banyak.. many illness surrounding me, grahhhhh

fine, im having my class tmr. better laa =)

sunday.. family day =D

fine, short post end here. taaaaz

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