This or that ? He or Him ?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

lalalaa.. when was my last post? hmmmm, kay.. i remembered =) aiyo, bit forgetful ma..

yea, went lunch with S that day as i mentioned in the last post.. went shopping after that.. he suppose buy new clothes but ended up he got nth. aiksaiks.. definately i only buy skin care / facemask ^^

hmmm went out with J 2days ago. =D

ytd got class.. everything was fine. we all had lunch at south city then headed off to H's hostel for a discussion of our group assignment. GAWD. nvr mention about assignment mann.. i admit that im lazy =D

off to klang after that, mummy drive there. i was okay untill god knows what happened to my eyes and nearly bursted my head ><"

ahhh, i am damn boring right now. =/ mummy promised to bring me to go the curve today .. i need to go to MPH lahhh.. =/

siennnn, the weather can totally boil an egg man. melten me off ><"

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