Stop & Smell the roses..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

phew.. i've got no idea what's happening to my stomach rather ask me to stay in the toilet.. ishhh!

for the sake i don care if my blog is dead or not cause im seriously have no time to blog on the Sunday to Wednesday. Only either thursday to saturday because i have no class on thursday and friday.. though i have no class on sunday but FYI i wont be free to online and post since my laptop having some problem with IE. suxxx!

let me tell u about the pass sunday how did i spent it.

me, my mom, my 2 sisters along with my grandmother.. there is 5 of us and we all woke up around 8 something early in the morning which i suppose having my beauty sleep. after preparing ourself we headed to OU like OMG that's really crazy like a shopping addict man. well, we reaches there at around 8:45am i still remember and we suppose take the ascelator ( how do u spell it ? ) to Parckson because we suppose buy my 2 sisters' school shirts there and guess what? it's still close with the gates or wtv it is.. hahahaa.. i was laughing there because it was my first time shopping early in the morning.. LOLs. well, the point we went so early is because my mummy is going to fly to france at 4pm. ( mummy say she will think of a LV for me .. IN MY DREAM! grrrrhhhh ) yea, mummy won a trip to france which i wishes to go for long time =/ well, enjoy ^^ and buy me stufffff !! teeees.

wow, maths really screwing me up like oh-my-mama-effing-god. though i still manage to handle it but yea, i regreted i did not take Add Maths which i suppose myself when i was form 4 and i rather not to take. =/ * screw * it's okay lah, no point regret tho. ^^

errrr, know what? i found myself not interested in Business nor Marketing. =/ i wish i were but No. well, give me some time k? i'll do it although my interest is IT =D we have to do homework related to management , marketing and business. =/ i need mama god to help me man !! damn screw-me-up =/

God Knows why would i not interested in it. hahaa

well well, im so lucky i have 2 days off days tmr and friday so that i can sleep enough enough and finish my homework =) and my assignment! when it gonna start? where should i start? ahhhhh. (luckily it were group assignment) teehee.

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