Somehow it Does.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

honestly im not in a blogging mood, im somehow moody now. ( you don't ask why ) but well, im really really miss my blog pretty much so here am i =)

yea, as u may see i dont blog that often anymore. ish! blogging was my routine kay. it's because of tiredness and studies and no-time. ( shitty reason ) i admit some short of lazyness. teehee

effing god am still having flu and friggin bloody cough like a going-to-die-next-minute. grrr~

studies wass.. so far okay, no any complains. * gawd, i want to breathe! * sorry for a little annoys, my nose was stuck since an hour ago.

oh well, assignment is here now. some people are smart enough might say " so what? just an assignment " , some people who have done before might says " allah, just do it! " for people like me " pray for me PLEASE "

i realise all the collegues' assignment are totally diff, u dont ask me how i know, am not a GOD or have super brain or wat is because i have a college friend who come from another college told us and some of my other outsider friends.. i can hear all diff types of assignment, diff requires bla bla. =/

screw it man!

errr, i dont consider it as a good news but I'll post it up this weekend! stay tune.

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