One in a Million

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday~ thank god i have 2 days off staying at home to cure my illness, or else u wont be listening to my voice.. ><"!! for ppl who know me, i'll nvr look for doctor no matter how ill am i.. but i broke the record finally because of studies!

i couldnt absent my class for no reason, even with a reason must with a letter or a mc and flafla blabla.. so, instead i'll rather to went for doctor during the two days off and attend for class today with a better situation =)

seriously, im half dead the day before yesterday.. was fever for almost 1 week, wth -.-"

shoo! change the topic..

for godness-sake god knows why we must take " mata pelajaran wajib " even in college/U .. zzz!! if u dont know i'll tell u MPW stand for BM, SJ & Moral. yes yes, i attend the MPW class today.. but it seems... OKay-wert~~~ .. LOLs. we've got 3 work to do. =/

wait, i need a knife.. anyone pls? because i wanna chop off my throat! it's killing me.. cursing me to cough like mad dog =.=!!!

btw, my medicine are all pills, ishh!

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