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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For godness-sake what's on earth is streamyx nor my laptop going on? it laggg my comp like god knows why would it and kept on dc my msn. >=/

yes yes i miss cyberworld ! trust me i'll be back =D dont left me there ~ !

phew .. finally im done with my tutorial's work and now half suffering assignments =/

studies was so far okay and no much big deal as i found out Im not interested in Business =/ FYI i dont know any single thing about politics nor environment nor economics. p/s: dont ask me about Malaysia's history or even who is my prime minister =D i can tell very honestly i dont know about all this =D and don ask what i know =P

my classmates are nice and friendly and funny! i can say they are really jokers. I laughed really much and crazily like a sor poh today XD ( u don wanna know what happened =$ )

let me tell u about my current happening..

my mom just back from France on the past sunday.. she bought us loads of chocolate that u can nvr found in m'sia =D !!! obviously things from there are somehow expensive.. so she only bought us chocolate and foods =)

and guess what?!?!?!?!!! my Dream Branded LV, she bought back a LV back and i thought it should be mine ( although i know that's she's actually helping my aunt to buy ) i cant control myself screaming and gone crazy over that LV !!! seriously LV is my dream and it cost mummy a real big fortune! but she got claimed back her fortune from aunty ^^

GODDDDD, this is my first time thouching , smelling , hugging a LV !! damn! i must get myself one in future, else u'll see the newspaper headline with the topic of " a girl name Jieyi suicide for the reason of not getting herself a LV " hahahahaaa.. joking kay =)

went for a free buffet dinner @ Sheraton Hotel , subang with sis =) and tmr with sam @ Le Meridian. it's free kay .. im not rich to pay for that meal =/ it will gives my purse a big hole. ^^"v

ahhhh, im seriously getting in bad condition , my face !! for not getting enough sleep this few days just to finish up my assesment =( great.. facial time..

taaaaz =)

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