The bad ones will go and the good ones will come.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

OMG i should say today im bad luck enough.

my class started at 11 and im suppose to wake at 830 to catch 930 lrt due to 1hr+ destination.
i suppose my grandpa to fetch me to lrt station but end up he went to doctor and i've force to take cab to lrt station. instead of being late to class because it's almost 10 something. i decided to take cab from hse straight to bukit jalil to take shuttle bus. and guess what? what's on earth there's only 1 or 2 shuttle on saturday end up i have to take cab again. and for godness sake i felt down when im trying to go in the cab. my hand scrathes the cab's tire and sprinkle my leg with my heels. =( i even cried on the spot cos non of anyone threr helping me instead they stand and " ah " " eh eh " . -.-" ishhhh!

well, my class ended at 1 and Mr.DJ came to fetch me and we went for lunch at mayang. =) thanks for chilling me and convince-ing me like a baby. hahahaaa..

well, i suppose upload all the pictures on thursday and god knows the streamyx shuted down and dc dc dc non stop and IE pist off blogger then keep on shutting down my window like wth -.-"

phew.. i have mission on =/

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