I wander.. and ANTI ALONE!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

lalalaa, i bet today consider a good luck plus a disaster day. =/

let's talk accordingly.

woke up around 930am, ready up myself.. rush into grandpa's car after preparing like around 1050am. ( yes, you wont want to know why would i take so long to prepare ) headed to Tmn Paramount lrt station and take to KL sentral to change monorail. yes yes, my first time taking monorail. im searching for monorail for almost 10mints walking under the hot sun. GAWDD. but i found it ^^ moved on to Imbi station to Time Square. yes, im having a braod casting for Ice Kacang Puppy Love director Ah Niu. i've pass in the first round and get to in the final round. so im now waiting for their call for comfirmation. they are choosing 1 from 10 girls. LOL, p/s: i dint expect myself to be the 1 in 10 cos i just wanna give myself a try =D

okay, so second part. after i reach time square, i couldnt rmb where should i meet them, broad casting.. i walk around searching around for almost 30mints. end up i bought myself 2 perfume. GOSHH. i was calling them but non of them pick up my phone so end up i found it. GODDD. after i've registered. i've got my script and while waiting for my turn, i was remembering the script and went for my brunch and went for the first round interview at around 3something. after i passed my first round i have to meet them at 5. so i went for a LONELY SHOPPING. im so gonna screw man, i've nvr prefer lonely-shopping though it's nice u can buy wtv u like or wtv.. but it's realyl killing me as u know i hate alone. so fine!

btw, i suppose my plan to KLCC pc fair after braod casting but i dint expect it'll take so so long so end up i did not manage to go. my aunt & uncle fetch me from time square after my final round at around 630pm. off to dinner @ pantai seafood. and home! hahaha..


back to ytd, went to OU to meet up sam & ken around 530pm to buy ken's sister present. then we off to ken's hse and me and sam camwhored like oh-my-god-that's-us! hahahaaa, we love camwhoring together and we both looks pretty much borther with a sister. wow! nice man.. off to Jaya One around 9pm then headed to Chulo cafe, ( more likely a pub ) to give his sister a suprise party. =D btw, the price are so so much exp so me and sam decided to had our dinner at old town white coffee. not forget to mention that i left my best favourite ear ring there. fxck! forget bout it. then we back to tracee's party and we dint know we missed the cake session. LOLs. home at 1130pm.

sorry la for the boring post. im seriously no idea where does my " blue-black " hurt at my leg from. sake! damn pain lo. =/

alright, i promise next week i'll post up allll the pictures that u nvr seen it before. teehee.

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