365th days of ♥

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

It's our 365th days of love w/ +Donovan Ang 

Long awaited day has came & passed so fast. So much happened throughout the year, all the ups & downs. Not really a "puppy love" relationship but with all the reality-topics relationship.

How I get to know him was from our mutual girl-friend, Min. She introduced me to him,

still remember I was super cool person, he was trying to talk to me in facebook but kept getting ignored. Hahahaha.. poor kid.
Our first conversation was on the 8th of February. Yes, I remembered it well. Hehe .. I love browsing through our first conversation box in facebook, it's really funny. He was trying to make me some jokes and trying to tell me how good he can speak in mandarin & sing, all my replies were "Hello banana". Hahahaha!
A week plus later we went for movie in Midvalley I think, that was our first met. Kinda awkward I remember & I can even remember what he worn that night, haha .. I always tease him, saying how good looking he was on our first date but no more after that.
& after movie, we went William for supper because he was hungry -.- then he gave me a surprise gift, a pint of Haagen Dazs. How sweet 

As time passed, we were getting closer and feelings begun .. 
I'll never forget how he confessed to me, the shy blushing look of him. :) 
On the 1st of June 2012, that's where the story started 

♥ 01.06.2012 

♥ 01.06.2013 

It's been a year, so much we've been through. Happy, sad, angry, surprises. Bitter Sweet Sour. & here we are, never letting go and holding tight after all the incidents. :)
Spent our anni eve at G Tower, KL and chilled at the Rooftop View Bar at night with few girlfriends along with two bottles of Red & White wine. Great night we had there.Left G Tower on the next day in the afternoon, the actual day of our Anni. 

Exchanged our gift, AX watch for her & Tommy Hilfiger for him. 
Nothing much we did in the afternoon, then dined in at Three little pigs and the big bad wolf for dinner.

& we ended our night at Taylor's Lakeside, it's windy and chilling. Had lotsa talk that night. :)
Thanks baby, I love you & Happy 1st Anniversary. 

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