Cosmobox - May Issue

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wanted to do this post in to a vlog but schedule are too pack with freelances & assignments. Here Imma share with you my May issue of surprise selection beauty box from Cosmobox . It's also my first surprise box from Cosmobox :)

A brief of cosmobox, designed for busy ladies that have no time to try out new stuff or don't wanna spend too much on new stuff that you don't really know about. It is a surprise selection of beauty and lifestyle products from well-known brands such as L'Oreal, b.liv, benefit, inglot, Giorgio Armani .. etc. A surprise monthly box for you to try out before you buy & get a chance to sample and savor top products, get expert advice and give yourself some much-needed at a time.

What are the selection I've received in cosmobox are: 

Alqvimia, Body sculptor oil. This is a 30ml bottle that cost for RM98. It's a body oil that shapes the figure in a natural & effective way to prevent excess weight & liquid retention through its draining action, activating micro circulation while toning the skin. 

Sunblock is always my favorite. I'm a sun hater, I always hide under the shades when there's sun, except for morning before 9am jogging in the park, but i'll still apply sunblock/sunscreen. 

This is a Sun Off A Beach, sensitive skin sunblock with SPF50!! It's a 100ml bottle cost for RM35.80. It contains light shea butter & cucumber with Vitamin A & cooling Vitamin E to moisturize your skin. It gives protection against UVA & UVB with non greasy formulation & fragrance free, one of my preference of sunblock/sunscreen is non greasy & non sticky type. It also comes with a carabiner! I can simply hook it on my bag zipper. 

I'm a big fans of L'Oreal, most of my haircare are from L'oreal, basically are all of them. Haha .. I can say they are really good & comes with affordable price. :) 

This lil bottle is a Liss Ultime Shampoo with 100ml. They did not state the price, only 250ml for RM50 & 500ml for RM79. Anyway, L'Oreal's hair care product is always my first choice. This shampoo moisturises and smoothes frizzy hair like mine. It restores softness, controls frizz and provides nutrition to rebellious hair with detangling action. Totally my favorite. I haven't try it out cus I'm gonna use as travel pack, it's a small cute bottle. :) 

It's a Nail Wrap with leopard print from The Nail Shop for RM39.90 per pack. 

Other than product samples, they gave vouchers as below:

RM25 cash voucher from HiShop and apparently I've spent right on the spot i've received this! Hahaha .. 

 RM20 discount voucher from The Nail Shop

15% discount voucher from HiShop again, but only applicable for Sun of a beach products. Imma get another one before the voucher expires. let's see ..

Almost left this out, Sheer Off Crease mask from b.liv by cellnique for RM6.90/pcs. This mask freezes creases in tracks, frosts collagen in right place and lends a radiant au naturel glow.

Last but not least,

A free cupcake from cupcake Chic!! :D 

Total cost of the box (assuming L'Oreal shampoo 100ml/RM25) = RM205.6 (excluded cash vouchers)
& this box cost me only RM33/month! I've subscribed 3months. Can't wait for June surprises :D They post out every 2nd/3rd week of the month you can definitely receive your monthly box before end of the month :) 

Subscribe yours now at Coxmobox aka Box Culture . 

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