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Monday, June 10, 2013

Was working for a press launch at The Hills, Damansara height on the past Friday. It was Cadbury's press launch for their Say It With Chocolate for Father's day. It's all about moulding your custom made lovely words on the chocolate. No more greeting cards, no more papers. Get your message done on the chocolate! Chocolate can be sweeter than your handmade card, heh!

The press launch started off at 2pm+

 This is the machine to mould your lovely messages on the chocolate.

 Before work, a must have picture. Hahaha!

 Desserts they served before the speech. They also served finger food during the event.

 Cadbury hampers for the winners in the games! I wish I could get one ): Oh, every guest entitled for a goodie bag which contained 7 types of Cadbury chocolate! Oh-Mai-Gawd!!!!!!!! *Drooling*

How does the machine work is you write down your message, then arrange the alphabets and place the chocolate on it, twist the handle on top till it you feel it pressed the maximum and done!
 Placing the alphabets ..

Place in the chocolate ..

 Twist it. & You're done.

 This is it!

Here's some picture after work. Hehe ..


 & This is how it look like, *unprofessional result -.-*

 Got one for dad :)

Some before & after work selca :)

 It's Linora from RedFM !

 A group photo with all the Cadbury-ers :)

Check out below details & grab one Cadbury with your message :)

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