Freedom, has no freedom

Friday, June 07, 2013

 *Following are my personal thoughts & sharing, no judging.

What does Freedom mean to you? Doing what you like, speaking what you like, no control .. etc? How does Freedom look like to you? Like a bird flying everywhere? and this is how freedom look like & mean to me. #fml

Yes, I can do things I like, but I'm under controlled. No, I cant speak what I have in mind, because some people just take it wrongly & tell me I have no right to say so, then got screwed. Somehow I'm tired with certain things. Doing things with limitation & under controlled. 

Let's say,

#1: What are the differences between having a friends trip at age 20 and age 30?

Basically you can do the same thing at both age, BUT
at age 20, nothing much should concern other than safety. & at age 30, you have to concern how many holidays you can have due to work, how much you should/should not spend due to your income. 
at age 20, you break the law rule and do something crazy because YOLO. & at age 30, you follow the rule and try no to do anything that might ruin your reputation or bring yourself to the court.
at age 20, you gone wild and have unlimited fun with your friends. & at age 30, you try not to do anything that make your wife/husband worry & you have to behave infront of your kids (incase you already have 1 at that age, lol)
.... etc etc etc.

Some people may say, :" We can still have the exact same fun in age 20 when we are at age 30." True, you can because YOLO. But overall, what I'm trying to say is, the feelings in age 20 & age 30 when you're on a trip with friends. That kind of fun, the craziness, the awesomeness & all memorable moments.. Who doesn't love trip? Especially with friends. Yes, I love having trip with family ofcourse.

#2: What are the differences between a friends-trip & family-trip?

No, you don't do the same thing in both trip.
You dont go crazy & do crazy YOLO stuff with your family, you have to behave well with them.
BUT, of course, the best thing going out with family is you don't have to worry that you have limited cash to spend *evil smile* & your parents will definitely make sure of your safety. & of course, you have limited cash to spend when you're in a friends-trip & you have to take good care of yourself & belongings, but I'd say that's a lesson; you learn how to control & manage your financial, you learn to be more independent & better knowledge of self-protection. Yay or Nay?

If I have the right to choose, I mean everyone, who wants to grow up when you know your freedom is not a freedom.

The best teenage moment is having a memorable, craziest trip with your friends. at least ONCE. another Yay or Nay? :)

We must be willing to pay a price for freedom.

I've paid, but I don't get.

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