Terrible, Horrible, Unbreathable

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I can barely see the building(s). The haze is getting thicker day by day. Hoping it's be better any day soon. As rumors said even shopping malls got affected, & even my house (or maybe yours too?). Anyway, stay indoor would be the best option, not even the malls now. Did you wear a mask? We even put it on when we went down to the living hall. How terrible can this be? I got waken up by the smell of the haze. Hazes happen almost every year aye?

Wash your mask everyday if you're using fabric material type. You don't want to breathe in the overnight mask full of bacterias.

Change your mask everyday if you're using N95 or surgical mask. DO NOT ever reuse or SHARE! NEVERRR.

Take precautions of the haze. Don't get ill, the sun is hot enough & here comes the super thick unhealthy haze. Water is all you need except mask.

1. Drink a lot of water regularly & pee more.
2. Wear a mask ofcourse.
3. Wash your hands, legs & face regularly. Try to keep yourself clean, especially before you eat or touch our face.
4. Avoid eating fried food, if you happen to eat any of 'em, drink a lot of water.
5. Shower twice a day, before & after sleep. Wash your hair once a day. You don't want the dirty air stick stays in your hair. Yuck!
6. Wash your apparels everyday, change it everyday. Try not to wear is again the next day. Especially if you wore it outside.
7. On all the fans in your house for better air circulation & air flow.

Keep yourself clean & drink more water.

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