Cosmobox June Issue

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wake up in the morning feelin' like P.Diddy ... Woots, I'm being early today to blog. I spend often on online shopping. In terms of .... most likely everything I need. Shoppers can spent hundreds in the mall but I can spend twice the amount at online shopping. I never deny that I'm a super big spender. Reason being I love shopping online is because, you can find better quality things with cheaper price. I'm never a person to spend RM100 on a single thing, I always spend RM100 with many different things. Other than that, online shopping is much easier to look for the things you want & you can easily get review by using google. :)

As a super online-shopaholic, I always check my door step if the postmen dropped by, they usually came between 1130am-1pm. It depend. Somehow there's 2 postman got irritated by me cause they have to ring my door bell almost everyday. But not that often now, twice a week now. LOL.

Received this baggage an hour ago, checked at the receipt & it's from Box Culture , it's my June issue Cosmobox. To prevent being late like my May Issue Cosmobox , I decided to write about it NOW, the moment I got it. Haha ..

It's summer & everyone has scheduled for a trip, perhaps to the beach for holiday? Cosmobox June Issue packed all products in travel size for you & you're ready to go :)

Taaadaaaa! Spotted things I've been wanted to get & my all time favorite product! Let's get started!

Murad - Resurgence Hydrating Toner in 15ml bottle size
It refreshes your face before putting on your foundation or after facial cleansing. It balances, hydrates and neutralizes your skin to prepare for treatment. It also lock in moisture and restores suppleness white it softens and smoothes your skin.

Maybeline Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara
My all time favorite mascara brand. I've been using Maybeline mascara when I started to put on makeup. Good quality with reasonable price, It's only RM33.90 for this and you can get it from any drug stores in Malaysia like watsons & guardian! Maybeline hyper curl cat eyes masacara gives your lashes 5x the volume instantly & keep curls for the whole day long!

 Collistar - Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate "Mesotheraphy" effect. (a very long name -.-)
While your face is taken care of, never forget to give your body a rub. You don't want a harsh skin, this product contains two cosmetic medicine: mesotheraphy & biorevitalization that gives  which gives tone, vitality & compactness to your body skin. It also smells really good! (can't wait to try!!)

Natural Looking False lashes from Cosmobox by Box Culture. Every girl's love aye? (Don't remember when was the last time I put this on, Hahah!)

Murad - Essential-C Day Moisturizer SPF 30|PA++
The moment I see this, I was like, "new care for my face before applying makeup". Haha .. It's a very tiny sample. It protects and strengthens your skin against the environmental aging by blocking UVA/UVB rays. Weather is very bad recently, & it's hazy. Never forget to apply sunscreen or any cream with high SPF to prevent UV rays. Essential-C moisturizer hydrates, shields and restores your stressed skin under the sun.

L'Oreal Liss Ultime Masque
The moment I spotted this, I was so happy. Fully protect & taking care of your hair is a must especially girls like me loving long hair. Hair masque is something I need the most other than conditioner. Applying hair masque min twice a week gives your hair hydration, protection and smooth & shine surface. You don't want your hair too look dry & dull.

b.liv off with those heads.
I am so happy to receive this, I've been wanted to get this because I have serious black heads problem on my nose. No one wants to have block tiny ants on their nose. This gel softens the clogging blocking your pores, allowing effortless extraction and removes all sores from your nose. It also prevents irrations from your skin. :)

Aren't they are all awesome product, with only RM33 per box. Haven't you get one yet? Get one now at Box Culture before July Issue runs out of stock!

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