The New Begin

Monday, May 07, 2012

Was busy & stress with lots of stuff recently. Studies, friendship, financial, work.
Oh life, full with burdens, life never be easy. Well oh well.

Year 2 degree results are all released. Aint that bad but overall was just fine, not satisfy at all & kinda stressed me out. Decided to join late intake as I'm supposed to join May intake but there's numbers of things that need to be settled before my final year, so yea.

Will be officially working in a company, TA Global Group from tomorrow onwards till my final year intake starts.

Parent's day is just around the corner, so I decided to give my lovelies an earlier present. They love it :)

Didnt have much time for my family throughout the month of April, was so busy for work. Hoping I'll not be over workaholic. Mom kinda complaint indirectly that I didnt have much time for them, *guiltiness*

Well oh well, life.

Not much active in social networking, as in, fb & twitter. Disconnected fb & twitter, so now most prolly only in twitter as fb having too much dramatics -.- sienz.

Oh, chopped off 2 inches & dyed bronze. :)


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