Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey ya, :) Inefficient blogger. Tsk tsk.

Life been good, i guess? Work work work, social social social.

Was working with #JojoStruys during Health Fair.

*proud*. Hehehh ..

How was your past weekend? It was Tiger Asian music festival. Who was there? :)

I was working there, the crowd was crazy. But the concert was a bomb :)

Well oh well, money come and go, as usual. =/ Went for gym at celebrity fitness the past week, still considering if i should join officially. #dilemma

I'm weird,i dont like sports such as basketball & badminton. But i love hiking, cycling, jogging, swimming those kind of "adventures & challenging" sports. :) felt healthier after all the work out & exercises. Gotta keep this up. Unfortunately i couldnt jog and swim this week as my right ankle swollen due to ONE TINY red ant i got bitten during TAMF. ):

Uni gonna start in 1 and half month time, less than that i guess. Ish, it's my final year. I felt that i learn nothing. Fml. I can't see my future, though i have my goal & plan, ugh. fml again.


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