Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Life been great recently. I love hiking, it's challenging and adventurous. Been doing outdoor activities lately, hiking, cycling, jogging .. I hardly do 'em before that because my parents has to work and it's not my sister type, till i found out my group of buddies like it. So yea, trying to do these every month, if they're fine with it. But imma making jogging every week. I love sweating so i could feel healthier and having better skins on my face. Not forget to mention that i have a really bad sun burnt while cycling last week. Well, tryin' to lose weight. But foods are always first priority. :)

Tryin' to cut down drinking, i need a healthy life now. I have so much work to do. It's never ending, me likey :)

Studies been bothering my mind, as i failed one subject in my previous semester and i have to re-module my LAN subjects. That suck ): Work been great, projects are on hands. everything's good. Well, my holidays seems good, 2 more months for my holidays, i need to work it out. :) Job briefing tonight, meeting tomorrow, Work on the weekend.

Btw, who's going for the Music Festival Tiger? See y'all there! I'll be working on that night. :)


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