Monday, March 19, 2012

After 2 months, imma revive abit here. Very busy in the past two months. Jan & Feb. Was super pack with work, assignments, exams and all. Not forget, stresses and sadness. Been thru so much all these while. As usual. :) & yea, guess im soon to completely get over it.

Life been so, fully utilized i guess? Work, studies, parties. Oh well, after 6 years of attachment, am now officially single for 2 months +. Well, i'm glad that im strong and independent enough in the two months. The feelings are much different, i do what i want now, i go wherever i want and all. I found my life. Like seriously, i've been so lifeless in the past, because all i have in my life, in my eyes, my brain, my heart, is only my relationship. I'm proud i able to handle it, but i failed to handle it well. But well, there's always two parties' fault in a relationship. Whatever, whichever. I'm pretty much good living with my life now. I've learnt so much, i can now no need any relying on anyone or anything, well, sometimes, but not most of the time. Am no longer being emotional easily, I found my world, my life :) With all the support from my dearest friends & family.

I shall stop this, haha, so much to continue :)

Btw, I'm officially 21. No, i wasnt waiting for this. Like never, i don't bother being 21 or not. Being 21 aint a good thing sometimes. But well, it make not much different for me, as i've been independent to earn my own money, been independent to work and went thru all different kind of stress, zillion of workload, and all. Never forget to mention, i enjoy those.

I had my 21st birthday party at home. :)

Much thanks for those who able to make it for the celebration :)

I love all the presents ;)
Not forget to thank bff for the lil surprise birthday too <3

I've been saying, that, i don't bother about birthday celebration. I don't need fancy, excited, glamorous, huge party. I don't even mind, if i don't have any celebration. No, aint being negatives. I had no birthday, yes, no birthday for the past 5 years. Therefore, my one and only wish for my birthday, is to be happy for the entire 24 hours. Even just staying at home, browsing facebook, as long i'm in peace for the whole day. Because i want a birthday, not a celebration.

Well of well..

Was being a model for my friend's make up examination on the past few days. Theme was night bridal.

I know im fat, i'm on my way diet. >.<

I'm now on 2 months holidays, looking for job & also working in my own Uni. :) I'm not the staying at home & do nothing throughout the holidays. I prefer working and earn some buck to get life i want to live. But never forget my social life :) I work hard, but i play 10times harder. That's me.

Guess that's all, follow me on twitter or facebook to catch me up.


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