Happy Mother's Day 080511 ♥

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ohayo peepo! haven been blogging for so long, nothing busy on, working was fun (:

It's Mummy's Day, Happy Mummy's Day to all Mummy (:

Couldn't celebrate mummy's day with my mom because she went Aus for work, she'll be coming back in a week more, so gonna bring her to eat & surprise her with something else (:

I love my mom very much, (: I have so much to tell her, but i dont know how to tell and i feel awkward, haha. So, instead of telling, i wrote her a note in facebook (:

Check out here (: ♥

While writing, i actually teared. There's this little incident story that i'll never forget in my whole life, and whenever this story came into me and friend's conversation, i couldn't hold my tears back too. =/

Anyway, was at aunt's boyfriend's brother's wedding dinner yesterday night and they also celebrate mummy's day together, suddenly this song 真的爱你-Beyond. one of my very fav song played while the new love bird gave a kiss and flower to their parents, my tears are holding back. >< Then i texted my mom to tell her that i've wrote her a note and said I love you to her. (:

Hmmmmm ..

What parent you guys gonna give her? I've got no idea, but instead of buying flower, handbag, purse, accessories and stuff. Im bringing her some place for relaxing (: Teehee. Then a dinner with aunt, grandma & mom sis dad after that (: Hehes.

hope she likes it (:

*muackx mommy* *huggy*

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