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Monday, May 30, 2011

Moshi Moshi ! Imma back to update my abandoned blog. :) Just a quick and short summarize post for last week.

Uni started last week, timetable was sucky. 3hours break for 3 days, can grow mushroom. LOLs. Classes were all fine & likey. Timetable rescheduled this week, & kinda satisfied cause i only Friday have 3 hours break. Much better, but Monday , Tues & Thurs are kinda packed, only 5mins break after each class, im fine with it (: 

Went my 1st time Chatime with iTT gang last week at Ss2 Mall. I think it's nice but I dont drink Milk type or red bean type so I think Chattime aint that awesome like what others desperate to. Haha .. But there's few type i wanna try, so waiting for my 2nd time Chatime :) 


YW got me a Starbucks Tumbler, it says the Limited Edition one. Lols, anyway im lovin' it :D When Starbucks? 

Designed my notebook :) With Jaychou & Starbucks. Tehee! 

Went Oriental Banquet at Section19 for Buffet with big families. I still prefer Noble House at KL. Almost the same buffet but Noble House has fresher & nicer foods & even MORE foods :) Anyway, not many pictures taken of the foods, it's around rm40 per pax after all ++ & taxes. don't really remember the price but i can tell it's really worth. No joke. Everyone will be served with a pot of Shark Fin soup, it's included. 

That's all for now, (: Teehee. 

Xoxo, Love,

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