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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yo peepo, a post before my Uni start & my busyness + laziness come to me.

Before the craps, went dinner with grandpa & family at Tropicana city mall yesterday night, for grandpa's birthday. No picture taken there. Then off to klang for cousin's birthday.

(: The big big family ..

Time flies. Uni starts tomorrow, Almost 2 months of holidays are finally end, & so my money are all flew away -.- I'll be having classes everyday, from monday - friday. Ish! I used to have 3 days off every week, & now non ): Worst thing is i have ONLY AN HOUR CLASS on Wednesday. This is suck to the max, i used to have 2 hours of class a day, which is early in the morning 830-1030am. & now 1245-145pm ONLY. -.- Hopefully the following week schedule will change as we notice there's something not right yet. So admin pls do something to it!! (as if they will -.-) Not forget to mention that i gotta end my class at 6pm for 3 days, and 3 hours of break for 3 days. ISH! i still prefer my yr1 degree's schedule. (:

Time for some instagram pic (:

Went to Eyewear optical to get my new spec, cause since i dont wear lens often now due to my eyes sensitivity, i wear spec all the time now. So mom said why not change a new one since the current one kinda old & few scratches, plus almost 4 years d. So yea,

Changed a Levi's' one. Wanted the Gucci but i dont feel comfortable with is, so i take Levi's at last. Saw Guess was not bad but none i like, Ahh i want that Gucci! ): No worries, it's very cheap! trust me, cause the optical lazy is my mom's friend so we kinda got 50% discount. Hahaha !! Cheap max!

Aight, off now, gotta pack my bag and fb twitter for awhile, since my class at 1240pm tomorrow (:

Tata, xoxo .

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