Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Days were fine, weather is crazy. It was so hot till it can boil an egg the previous days, but somehow today's were fine, kinda cloudy yet hazy .. hoping to rain today. =/

Home everyday, met babyboy yesterday. (: Mom's coming back on this Friday, Dinner on both Sat & Sun, Nothing much can do at home, online eat sleep cleaning .. -.- Uni starting very soon, 18 May. Just another week, imma then proceed to Degree Year 2, haven do progression yet as we gotta wait for all results & list of eligible student to proceed to next level. Gan Jeong much. cause it was my fault that i did not do well in exams. ugh. pls pray ):

Going for eye check up tomorrow with babyboy, there's something wrong with my left eye for 2 weeks already, i thought it'll be fine till i noticed on monday there's this lil thing beside my pupil. gosh, it makes me so worry & keep holding back my tears. Sigh, trying to be more optimize thinking, ):

So broke all the time. No job no money, sigh ): it's so bek cek when there's money-less. How i wish im born rich, or i have jobs allll the time, ): Gotta wait next month for my payout. ish.

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