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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi guys, i know im a super bad blogger. Kinda having flu & dizzy-ness brain now, nothing much happen in the past week, & due to very bad weather + some laziness = no mood to blog.

Anyway, some lil update here .

It's Jay Chou Q version T (: I bought one for myself, one for hubby & another one for cousin elder sis. (S, M & XL) Purchased on his concert that day, but they said has already out of stock so everyone forced to pre order instead, waited almost 2 months & it's finally here! So happy (: Gonna take a pic & upload here soon once i wear it (:

Mom is finally back from Sydney, Australia. She bought chocolates for us (: Due to she's back after Mother's day, so we replaced on the last Sunday, 15 May to celebrate. Nothing much special. Had dim sum for brunch with my family & mom's side big family. Then we brought mommy to Herbaline at Seapark, Ss2 for massage & facial .

Mom & dad went for massage first at 2.30pm . Then me & mom went facial around 330pm. I wanna pamper myself too so i decided to go for facial after so long. Wanna go for massage too but due to financial so next time la. Dint take picture of the place cuz it's kinda not allowed. Mom likes the massage but not for dad, i like the facial, it's quite clean tho. Massage for 2 person only Rm177 , 1 person Rm118 . which means the second person get 50% discount. Facial first trial rm38 . Can give a try if you wan. :)

Sis started her coll yesterday, as usual, orientation week. Imma starting my Uni next monday 23 May, cus my course not required to attend orientation. So I got another week of holiday (: But gonna accompany hubby this week, Wed - Fri . We planning something else to do, (: He even decided to bring me go shopping movie & makan on Thursday. ♥ It's been so long since we last went for movie/shopping/nice food. Due to financial problem, we used to do it once or twice in three months time. (:

Ahhh, i wanna go to sleep very soon. I hate flu, got flu for few days already. & whenever im not feeling i need a afternoon nappy time, but i dont have today so flu kinda go bad -.- cus im feeling too sleepy & tired. Aight guys, nighty.

Xoxo . ♥

p/s: going fishing with hubby & friends tomorrow.

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