Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moshi moshi !! Went shopping with hubby today, like finally after so long. Went OU, around 10am -.- first time being so super early in the mall. The parking lot were absolutely empty, he said it's bored that he has too many choices of where to park, so we kinda so called raced & played around in the parking lot -.- haha ..

stunned in the car for awhile, then shopping began! we first headed down to Cotton On, my favourite shop (: Hubby bought me two tops & a pair of shoe.

I actually bought a pair of the same shoe last time but different color. It was red in stripes. & i always want a grey one so i decided to get one (: I love cotton on cause 2 for Rm75 . haha , & also they always have the style i want & also the only so called branded shop i can afford. (: Hubby also bought himself two Polo T & a pair of shorts. :D

Then we off to hunt for shoe for hubby. Cause he always wear his working slipper -.- so i asked him & kinda forced him to get a pair of nice shoe so sometimes when he hang out with friends or anything he can at least have a proper nice shoe to match his outfit.

Went to look for his friend for a lil chit chat then off to Bar-B-Q plaza for brunch, his favorite. No picture taken there, cus were too busy eating. haha :D After eating, was overload. Went for a lil walk before home. (:

Hmmmm, both of us felt happy very much. As he promised to bring me for shopping one day & today is it, feeling so much lovely today & after all happened. (: Thanks hubby.

Bought McD before he fetch me home around 5pm. Cause it's Pink cola glass today, it's Thursday.
Wheeee .. (: Am now have four of 'em. Two more to go. :D

Havent been posting up a pic of us for so long, here's one (: xoxo.

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