Just Craps.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello peepo, im feeling bore and feel like crapping something else here. Hmm ..

How's life been lately? Mine still okay. Have Job on next Fri & Sat, 3 hours each. Then probably the following week Thurs - Sun, it's still pending anyway. The Uni starts the week after, 18May i guess. Haven back to Uni to do progression to next Level.

Took this two Starbucks pic by using my iphone3gs, was alone at Starbucks on Thursday, super duper sad thing. But well, Starbucks alone aint that bad actually, chilling environment, relaxing brain (: So coincident my phone left only 10% batt, so yea. SO ALONE.

p/s: lazy to copyright my pic, >< U steal it, i ............ whatever. who wanna steal la right?

Met up with babyboi yesterday, holidays are sad because we can hardly meet each other, gotta find tons of reasons >~< But it's fine, we can at least meet up once a week, or twice (:

Boring! ):

Yoo McD Lover! Imma one of McD Big fan, (: I used to had McD at least 3 times a week last time, then i gotta cut down since April, haha. Too much too much >< McD used to have this limited colorful glass during football season or smth, I have 3 of them, Pink Purple and Pure Crystal. I dint wanna collect all cus those are not my fav color plus i got no where to place all, And now McD is coming with this Cocacola Can Glass! Awesome much right!! I noticed they change the new one every Thursday, and now is the Grey one! I promised to myself imma gonna collect all this time ;D

Was supposed to had McD ytd night but daddy said :"Fatty No" . Then supposed brunch with babyboi, he was too tired and lazy & i already ate something else while spamming his call. So yea, later imma gonna buy, (: Ngekk!

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