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Friday, April 15, 2011

It's been quite sometimes since me and my sis went for shopping together, im either always busy with assignments, exams, studies or accompany hun, so we always dint make it at the end. The last time we went shopping together was, last yr i guess? or Jan if im not mistaken, it was a CNY shopping i remember, (: 

After 2 weeks of waiting, she kept asking and asking and asking me to go out with her but i was busy with assignments and exam previously, so finally now we get to shop together (: She's my best babysitter and im her best partner :D We love each other so much (: Keke ..

Dropped me off to work then straight head off to Sunway Pyramid. She kinda took quite a number of pictures in car when im driving -.-

Had Pasta Zanmai for our brunch, i wasnt in the good condition, i somehow hurt my back neck, idk how i hurt but it's really painful. We were there around 1030am + . Had out shoppping and home around 130pm (:

This is what i bought, so little yet i've paid so much ):

Pinky high waist pant from Apee in Asian Avenue, Behind two dark strip & light polka dot blue skirt and red strip shoe from Cotton On (: Hand cream & Lip balm from Etude House.

I was struggling of which color and pattern of that shoe to get, i wanted this and another white base pink flora one, but i dont have many clothe to mix with so i get this red strip one first, then try to get the flora and grey one next time (:

I was suppose to walk in Sasa to get some stuff, my so called second house last time. But i controlled myself not to go in cause i've already spent rm300 overall, half broke already ): (sorry, i aint rich, that's why im broke now!) This is why i rather not go for any shopping previously because i know myself very well, now gotta stay home for a month to take care my purse. ):

It's Etude House's limited edition hand cream and lip balm, (: I was controlled myself not to buy that time when i went shopping with gf, but i still feel like buying so i decided to buy this time. It's only around rm24 for each, cheap right? and so cute! Mom gonna kill me if she know i buy these cause i have bags of hand cream and lip balm at home -.- .

The hand cream smells like rose, so nice! and lip balm smells in cherry, :D yum yum!

The hand cream smells just the same as this, Crabtree & Evelyn rose hand therapy, it's finishing so this is the reason i buy a new one, but i still have like god knows how many hand cream i have at home. -.-

My lip balm & lip tint collection :D Hehes, this is the reason why my mom will kill me if she ever know i buy new lip balm -.-

The lip balm collection, The stick one is from Jeannie, (: It left almost 1/3 only -.- The yellow one is Babyphat lemon lip balm, i do recommend this, really nice (: the bottom both is from Face Shop, still okay but kinda oily and sticky, and when it dries up, i dont likey the feeling. =/ Etude House one is quite nice, i've tried few times, it wont be too oily and not sticky at all . (:

Lip Tint/Gloss collection, Left is Anissa Da Vinci, I give 4.5/5 :D Soo nice to use! I apply it after applying lip balm. (: then Etude House lip tint, i used half way i keep in my wardrobe d, it's really nice, it give you a nice sexy red lip and the color can last for at least 6 hours! The Babyphat lip tint, im still using it (: I applied after lip balm, cause i have dark lip, this can really gives me a nice soft red lip color :D Last is the Skin79 Lip tint, i dint use actually, haha ! :P

Lastly, Babyphat lip scrub, it do work on dry lip. I have dry lip and always have the dry skin on it, i scrub my lip once in a week or two week once. (: Apply this then the lemon lip balm then the apple lip tint. Babyphat collection! :D

You might think im crazy or something, but i have no choice, i love lip care product very much (: Cause i have dark lip color & very dry lip. So i always like to go around and look for nice lip care product but i couldnt afford on branded / expensive one, so these are what i get. ><

(: xoxo .

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