Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ola ! Imma back to update my blog (: Statistic is dropping so badly, haha as usual. My blog is just too bored for all of you plus i haven been updating for so long.

Sorry guys, busy for nothing, seriously.

The only thing, i was busying for my exams the past 2 weeks. 29, 31 March & 4, 6, 8 April. Overall exam was JUST OKAY as i did not do well in few papers, but im very much satisfied with 2/5 papers. (fyi, i have 5 subject in total, so 5 papers i had) SAAD (system analysis & design) & IIS (intro to interactive scripting) Im pretty much satisfied with these two papers, i did well i guess, (: And the other three (AVT, DIP & PDT) wasnt that good, sigh. Kinda screwed them actually, but at least i answered all questions inside w/o any blanks. That's my rule, never leave blank in exams. Arghh, i've did my very best at least.

Exams over, Degree Year 1 over, Holidays begin, for like 1month and 2 weeks i guess?

Holidays, i never likey, it can be worst than school days. I rather having classes everyday from 830 - 3 Mon - Thursday, that would be so much fun than having holidays, no joke! My holidays are just another day, nothing gonna be special, no happenings, HOME that's all. Sucks.

Imma so jealous of all my friends and everyone around me, going on a trip with their fellow friends, down to partey all night long, how fun huh? and me? enjoying my holidays at home AS USUAL for 20 years. Yes, my parents are strict, i dont mind, but i just wanna go on a trip with friends and have some fun, make full use of my holidays, that's all! grrrrr RAWR!

Gucci, my very top fav brand. I dint know Gucci produces chocolate, a gift from my mom's friend, due to me being so helpful XD *joking* . thanks anyway, mom told him i love chocolate and i only expected like Forrrrrerrrrro Rocher or Lindorr those, i was hoping for Lindor actually XD . But this was super surprises me, :D It's yummy, (: If only your kind that love dark chocolate, :D Shared with sis and daddy ofcourse, mommy aint fancy these, so she dint wanna take it. awww ..

I did absolutely did NOTHING yesterday the entire boring-hot-stupidness day. It was my red day, was having bad stomach cramp, cramp like a shrimp,  :((((

Went for a casting for some viral video, advert-kind on the Sunday, was doing good, hopefully got picked. & it reminded me of my first casting then i got picked yet i rejected due to my stupidness brain .. Zzz ! Super duper regret kay, it was a super wtf case. *bang to the wall and die* Grr ! I'll never wanna be a stupid anymore. Damnit !

Looking for more nice photography app in iphone, #iphoneography . do recommend if there's any nice one yea? :D Was playing with #iphoneography app recently, trying to look for more but only manage to get a few.

Graaaah, my day was super bored! Went to few banks early in the morning, then cleaned my small yet overloaded room today, left only my wardrobe haven clear yet. -.- when i see all overloaded stacks of clothes, i dont feel like doing anything. Ish!

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