Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi guys, updating my blog (: The weather has been killing me so badly, and everyone .. My sis fall ill, she's coughing so badly but thank god she felt better today. All thanks to the weather, it can be soooo cold and nice then it suddenly turn sooooo hot the next day. -.-

Nothing much up, went whole day out w my mom doing all stuff, weirdest thing is followed my aunt to meet her friend at Over Time @ Viva Home, Cheras at 330pm ! -.- I feel so no no good after half pint, the weather was too crazy. It's my fault for drinking but it was happy hour, buy 1 pint free 1 pint plus i miss starker (: So yea, take at my own risk dude!

Im filling my week with jobs this week, Tomorrow at Sunway and Fri - Next Mon at KLCC . Uhhh, i hate reading about products -.- sumore it's Diamond, so much to understand huh -.- In May, i gotta be some kid's driver, this is so !@#$%^& Zzzz , -.-

Sis finally registered herself in college, she took interior design. Kinda out of my expectation at first cause she loves drawing, this is the fact but she never mention before that she likes interior stuff. So yea, she was struggling which design she should take and she chosen interior then suddenly came in Account & Finance, struggled in between that two for almost a month, -.- ah! at least she made her mind now and all the best to her (: Hope she enjoy.

Geeee, and me, can only bear with what im in now. -.- Sigh.

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