Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ola! im back to update (:

Been working at KLCC lately for International Jewelry & Gems Fair. Overall, it was fun (: Working with Ysabell, somehow my boss got confused our names cause the organizer wrote Pinkabell on my tag. Then he was like dingdongbell, LOLs.

p/s: din't notice my hair was on the tag when i took this picture -.-

Anyway, bought myself an anklet on the last day work. We were supposed to wear heels to work, we did on the first day and after observing the working environment, we wore flats the next 3 days. It's seriously tiring wearing heels the whole day. I remembered last year worked for Teenfest and wore 3.5inches high heels from 10-10 for 3 days, my lil toes numbed for more than a month -.- ah, life.

We are asked to dress in elegance and semi formal, nah, due to the strong air condition at our booth, even if we wore pretty dress but on the outside we covered badly with scarf and jacket. Haha, i can tell you the air condition is super duper strong and we gotta tolerate for 8 hours. Gosh ><"

Went OU with BFF Sam & Ken on Sunday for dinner, had Johnny's and starbucks. Oh, not forget to mention that i had Starbucks for breakfast everyday -.- so broke. Anyway, had Starbucks that night after dinner, and i usually order Chocolate Cream WITHOUT chips, but they always add in so im fine. I ordered WITHOUT whipecream and size MEDIUM, results they gave me WITH whipecream and size SMALL. wtf seriously, and i was so smart to leave my receipt somewhere else so i couldnt change, grrr!

Had long BFF talk that night, and all jokes as usual. Ahh, the best night. (: It's always the more relax and happiest moment hanging out with BFF. (: love you guys.

Had another job this Saturday, im seriously desperate for jobs cus i'm desperate for money. My money has been decreasing so badly now. But people owe me money and haven return, ): So, IM STILL POOR! . Is damn shit, i need those money for my mama day. Grrr! So not gonna fail my mama day plan man ):

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