What's the future?

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's all about assignments these days, grrr ! i have total up 5 assignments, all due on 28Feb, 4Mar, 7Mar, 25Mar and another one 'd first week of Mar.

Can die, my scripting sucks max! Sigh ): Don't understand why would i take web media course, scripting suck & no creativity at all. Now scratching my head over my brochure which due on 7Mar. Tsk! *bangwall* Business suck also, now dying for my entrepreneurship assignment which due on 4Mar . 1.5k words is not a problem, but problem is don't know how to write and kinda don't understand. Im super suck in business, that's why i never take business . Sigh.

Im worry for my future. Im taking IT cause Software Engineering was my fav before i enter Uni, i always want to learn how to design and develop a software and wish there's one day people using my software, after i've gone thru all the researches and my foundation level, i changed my mind to take Web Media cause i like developing a webpage layout, designing and media, my Uni doesn't have Broadcasting which i wanted. So i took web media at last, people said web media can work in broadcasting line so yea.

Although im okay with HTML, Im average in CSS and HTML but after gone thru a semester of scripting i realize i can die in scripting, it only the first level of scripting and i feel like crying dy. I realize i have just a very lil bit of talent in scripting and it doesnt help, Sigh, i have no idea how to continue my assignment ):

I found IACT is pretty good in media and broadcasting line but my mom doesnt allow me to change course and coll because all the previous one will be wasted. >< So am now gotta be more hardworking to finish up my course and get my cert and to make sure i make use of it.

Did i mention im finally using an iphone? Not 4, but 3gs (: It's more than enough for me, as long it can upgrade to the latest version then it's fine. Currently using 4.2 jailbreak and the features are awesome! I hardly use my laptop now days, unless i use for assignments then only i'll go online with it. Hehe, am now 24/7 with my iBaby. Whoops, but i didn't hardcore download apps & games la ofcourse. (: I can now sms for free by using Whatsapp! (i memang sms with free with my fnf jor, haha) LOLs.

Kay ler, update more soon (: Teehee!

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