Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Finally i bought BabyJay's Concert Album (:

It's Valentine's today (: How was your day? Everyone said valentine's is a must to be couples but i never thought that way before. Valentine's can be with someone special that you love so much, like your parents? you siblings? your bff? (: So why cry on valentine's if your single?

There's a year i was single on valentine's day, single as in no boyfriend and i just broke up few days before, not much sadness because i dont want to be sad on valentine's day, so i went for dinner with my friends. Then go home continue sad, hahahah!

Went OU with Darl after class, he never buy me roses after the first year and i was so excited to receive -.- Baboon .. But nevermind, he bought me dooodolls instead, a pair of dooodolls which i wanted for half year (:

As usual, naming my teddy is a must, (: Papa Doo (Left) 大嘟(左) && Mama Doo (Right) 小嘟(右) ..

(: Was to get the big one but it's too expensive and my bed almost full liao, even this cost a lil bomb. Then we had BBQ Plaza (:

Went dinner with YW, he bought me flowers, Strawberries from Cameron and a top from MNG . (:

My head is bursting, i was having a lil dizzy and headache before dinner, i ordered Strawberry iced tea and they gave me Strawberry LONG ISLAND iced tea instead. I dranked half glass with empty stomach cause my mushroom soup take an hour to cook!

Must offline and tidur now. Goodnight, kthxbai!

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