Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey guys, im rather busy for my assignments the whole week. Assignments are totally killing me and im finally done with my Web Design assignment in 3-4days time, me is sooooh happeyy! But now gotta die for the documentation which i never like it. Another enterprise assignment, Zzz .. Me is sooooh noob in business, ):

Btw, me here to update and wanna share something with you peepo, those who're IT, Gadgets freak. I found this really useful page with all the latest news about Technology and gadgets review via my friends. And it's really a recommended site to look on. (: Btw, i've did this little vlog/interview for the web, as it's developed by my friends actually. (:

So yea, hope you guys enjoy the video and as i mentioned in the video, you can get up to date of the web via your iphone. Super handy and convenient.

Log in 
Click on the "Add to Home Screen"
Then you'll have IntechReview icon on your screen! So easy right?
Launch the icon, and all the latest review of technologies & gadgets are just right on your hand!
You can also browse through their categories to check all the latest review that you want. 


To be honest, i hardly check on webs or even google about technologies and gadgets, cause im pretty much lazy to on my laptop and google em after since i own an iphone. Plus it's true i hardly on my laptop now days, just because i need to do my assignments so i've got no choice. In fact, im on my iphone for 24/7 non stop. My battery already has got problem and it can only last 2hours for maximum ): Sad case, but still, it never stop me from getting updated with IntechReview. I log in for atleast once a day to see if there's updates im interested on, no joke. 

Don't wait, click IntechReview right now, follow them in Facebook and Twitter . Teehee! 

Okay, im off to continue my assignments ): Tata ! 

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