Friday, February 04, 2011


hehes, how's ya CNY 1st & 2nd day? Mine was okay, (: Yesterday's First day CNY outfit . Was planned to wear cheong sam for the first day but dint manage to get one & already no mood to doll up nicely after since my legs like that, my sis is wearing my new shoes, sadd!

Din't get many new clothes this year, idk what to wear for tmr and tmr and tmr .. =/ LOLs. Everything crashed & that's why not much shopping for 2011 CNY. Tsk.

Went back to Hospital for my toes' dressing. *Ouch, kinda pain, or it's really pain till now after dressing. ):

Yes yes, im going out EVERYWHERE like this for this year CNY. Damn eff sad case ): Makes me cant even get my permit from daddy to visit friend's house. Boo!!

It's painful now, =/ the stitches are pulling my skin my meat my nerves my my my mood ): Boohoo!! sobs,

Gah, whatever.. Boring nya, that's why im blogging. I know, you read till boring now too .. sorry, im not really in the mood and idk what to blog either. Just to update y'all . After the operation, the oxygen thingy makes me feel dizzy & sleeping most of the time, i slept in the car wherever we go, GOSH! . ):

No mood to cam pun, =/


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