Mummy's Bday 120211

Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 Feb 2011 .

I still cant make it to blog before 12am, it's 13 Feb already ):

Nvm, make sure i blog about it (:

It's mummy's bday, me and my sis 've already squeezed all our brain juice to think what should we get for mommy but still we couldnt figure out what to get her, so we ended up making a video for her instead. A very special present that money cant get (:

Enjoy, comments are welcome!

p.s: it's our very first time doing video and editing. So pls bare with the bad quality (Dell Studio 14 webcam) and the boring-ness.

We had our dinner at Sushi Tei at Tropicana City mall. Was planning to show her the video after the dinner but we afraid it might get everyone's attention, plus idk why there's some noise in the video ): and also we dint get her a cake cus she doesnt want it,

Headed off to I-city after dinner, took quite a number of pictures and finally manage to get some family group pic, cus my both daddy mummy never wants to take picture ):

Signing off now, (: Nothing much special on mummy's bday, we showed her the video in the car on the way home, (: She somehow surprised and very happy and almost want to cry, hehes .

Loves lot mommy, Happy birthday (:

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