Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My CNY is just boring, no joke. Past years wasnt that bored =/ Idk why, mayb is because holidays end so fast, it's only the 4th  day CNY then everybody start working/study on the 5th day and also i dint get to join my friends this year. =/

Went back to hos yesterday, for my toe's dressing and also taking off the stitches.

It's the blood stain and stitches stain. ): It'll took few weeks to take off the blood stain and also need around 1 more months to fully recover. =/ Doctor gave me a week MC and a letter to prove that i need to wear slippers to college for 6 weeks. ):

Was doing my assignments yesterday night, at least im done the group part. Today gonna do my CSS & HTML part. Siens.

Even i've got no mood to take nice pictures =/ Plus i don't have a camera for this year cny cause borrowed aunt for her trip. So yea, only a few pic taken in the past week cny.

Time flies, mom's bday coming on this Saturday and i haven got her anything yet. Then follow by Velentine's on the next monday. Nth special as usual (:

Oh btw, im so addicted on cutcutboom, some iphone game, is so addicted recently.

I still cant break 2k! ): LOLs,

Hmmm, my life just nothing special. Always that bored. Aight, im off now to continue my assignment (: Sorry guys, i know my blog really bored you guys very much.

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