So yea, Mid of March.

Monday, March 17, 2014

 Oh wow! It's the third week of March. Time flies. How have you people been? Hope everything are doing great.

It's the month of March, my birthday was just a week ago. It came so fast and it went off so fast. March still doing fine, not really, but uhh.. yea.. I don't know.

Finally had a hair cut at Editor Salon located in Setia Alam, which was well recommended by DaphneCharice. I can't recall when was the last time I went to the salon, probably.. 6 - 8 months back? I've no idea.

I've decided to get a shorter fringe instead of bangs, and 3inches shorter at the back, which it never make any difference to anyone. Haha, people was like, " you seriously cut your hair? like, seriously? " I'm sure most of you that followed my instagram, my hair was freaking long & thick. But yea, just give me some time to get it shorter. I'll definitely cry my ass off if I ever get a short hair, but but but ... whatever.

Definitely a shorter hair & went for even brighter color.

So yeah, my birthday, it was good, a super peaceful one. No, I don't want a fancy dinner, luxury gifts. All I want is just to spend time with my beloved one, friends & family.

Went Providence 2 days before birthday, Family dinner the day before, Skybar at 12am and spend my actual day with the friends.

March oh March .. I feel lost at times, most of the time, but I always know deep in my heart that, what I wanted, I'm just, not so sure of it. *craps* throughout these days, I've realized so much ... life. :)

It was FMFA14 on the past weekend. I was working, as usual. I don't really like to spend hundreds on party entry, I'd rather get a free pass. Hehhee .. anyway, I love to work & rave :)

FMFA14 ASOT650 was awesome, but unfortunately few people died due to drugs overdose, so the last day of FMFA14 was forced to be cancelled. :( Sigh. But well, at least we had a great at Happer Damansara Jaya with the crews.

One of the best shot during work. It was fun working with the crew & all party animals. :)

Coming weekends will be busy with work, so many things waiting to be done. & so many March babies around me. :) Shall party rock this month before I start something new in April onwards.


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