Where am I?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time flies really fast, it's the last week of March. Almost did nothing.
Not really a good month tho. Can't recall what have I done in the month. =/

Feeling lost, I've got no idea.
I can't make decision, I'll get mad.
Mood swings really bad, I get pissed off easily.

Not really who I am now. What's wrong?
Something is missing inside, but I dont know what is it.
Felt that, something has gone in me. What was that?

I'm confused. I have no idea.

So much thoughts, thoughts, every night before I sleep.
Things never be easy, but never too hard.
It could be complicated, it could not be too.

Life is short, or not.


Let's cut 'em off.

I had this dream a year back, not those dream-in-the-sleep but the dream, a thing, a goal I wished for.
Never thought I'd bring it to life. But now I wanted it to be life, live.
Not sure if I can do it, but i'll try. I want to build my dream.
Given myself few years time, hopefully I can do it.
No, it's a must to do it. Not gonna give up.

Pre-planning now.
So much to learn, so much to plan, so much to do.
But it's okay, that's where the dream begin from. :)

Life, is all about dare to dream but not forgetting to bring it to life.


I wanna get an ink, on my wrist. With an inspiring word.
A word, that motivates and inspires me in life.

What do you think?

No cheesy word, no common word, but something ..


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